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The following are examples of  Sockett puppets we have completed for customers. To inquire about having your own custom, character Sockett made, please click the button on the right. 

custom sock puppets by Tiger Kandel & Heather Schloss

When designing a new character we use a combination of photos, drawings  and imagination for inspiration. By utilizing  the original sock puppet-making techniques we have pioneered, and routinely challenging ourselves to develop new ones, we continue to break the boundaries of what was previously thought possible in a sock puppet.  

"I LOVE them !!! ... Thanks so much !! :-)" . Helen H.  Poleymieux-au-mont-d'or, France

Sock puppets facilitate communication, and social interaction, they are a great resource in the classroom and therapeutic environments. Use Socketts for performing original puppet shows, story telling, therapy and creative teaching.  

Custom Eelpout Sock Puppet:Details include: pop eyes, brown & tan hand dyed sock & stitched and quilted fins.

"I just had to send a quick note about the (eelpout) puppet. We are in LOVE with it. It is so amazing and you did such a cool job on it. Everyone loves it." ~Debbie S.  "He was a HUGE hit!"  Rob S. Plymouth, MN

"Pops" was created from a pair of argyle socks (the preferred under-shoe garment of men his age.) click images to enlarge

 Every time we embark on a new creation, we strive to bring into the world, singularly dynamic,  breathtakingly charming and superiorly handcrafted piece, that is as much fun and fabulous toy, as it is original, work of art.

Sockett Beer Tap Covers  for The Golden Gnome Bar in South Bend, IN  Details Include: Felt robe with matching gnome cap, faux fur wig and beard, gold token and miniature beer stein. (click images to enlarge)

Punk Rocker Sockett®

details include: cut, sewn & quilted features, movable arms, black t-shirt with safety pins, jewelry and mic. (click images to enlarge)


For Custom Orders & Estimates                         Please email us the following Information:

1. Your name & telephone number.

2. The custom design you want us to make.

3. The character's name (if available).

4. Any pertinent physical details the portrait Sockett® needs to have (specific clothing and/or accessories).

5. Is the puppet intended for personal, professional or corporate use? 

How will it be used (gift, puppet show, video, book, advert, etc)?

6. Very Important: Send clear photos or images (or link to) that may help communicate your idea. Please note, we will require at least 2-3, clear, HIGH RES (300px) images (head-on & profile) to complete the portrait puppet. 


EMAIL to: OR use the form

Telephone Inquiries:  We provide excellent customer service and make every effort to return messages within 1-2 business days (Holidays excluded).

We accept inquiries all year long but generally work on custom orders January-June (unless otherwise arranged).  Feel free to contact us to check on availability.  We recommend placing your order AEAP and reserving your place on the roster. RUSH orders can sometimes be accommodated for an additional fee.


About Pricing


Tigercandy Arts, Inc retains the copyright on all custom work.  Puppets may be  used for entertainment purposes only. Designs may not be copied or reproduced without our express written consent. Read more about permissions on our FAQs page. Photos submitted may be reused, in print or online, for the purpose of promoting our custom work. 


We look forward to working with you! 
~Tiger & Heather

Prices vary with complexity of design, delivery date & quantity ordered. Custom orders generally take between 4-8 weeks from the time we begin. They are filled on a first come first serve basis. Let us know if you require a Rush Order or specific delivery date. We honor time sensitive orders when possible. 

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