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a Tigercandy Arts line

Custom made Parakeet golf club cover in memory of "Ricky" the beloved parakeet. 

"Mr. Bud" Japanese Chin. Custom "sock puppet" style golf club cover 

Custom made Boston Terrier "sock puppet" style golf club cover

Custom Made Ladybug Golf Club Cover with adjustable legs

"Beasley"  Custom Dog Golf Club Cover

Custom Shih Tzu Golf Club Cover

Custom Great Dane Golf Club Cover

Red Fire breathing Dragon Custom Golf Club Cover 

Custom Greyhound Golf Club Cover

"Bubba" Custom Bloodhound Golf Club Cover

All designs are the exclusive property of Tigercandy Arts, Inc. and may not be reproduced without our express, written consent. Copyright 2006-2018. All rights reserved.  Photos submitted may be reused for the purpose of promoting our custom work. 

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