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    Custom Portrait Gallery    

The following are examples of puppets we have completed for our customers. To inquire about having your own custom portrait sock puppet made, please click the button on the right. 


Zak Bagans

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Sundar Pichai

 Mr. Mueller 

Four Lights

"We’ve received the puppets and everything looks AMAZING! ...." Four Lights Seattle, Wa.

  Merry Xmas Uncle Geoff  

"This is the best investment I’ve ever made. Thank you so much!!!" Katherine E. Hoboken, NJ

  Wyn Masters  

"Little Wyn Masters" (click images to enlarge) Details include: Faux fur wig and beard, hand sewn bike shirt, handmade, mini sunglasses, microphone and baseball hat "Stan's No Tubes" logo.

"Scott & Melissa"   Details include bi-color,  faux fur, hair piece and handmade, black rimmed eyeglasses.  Multi shade platinum hair made from lambs wool roving

"Little Brother" Part of a Sockett® family portrait set. Details include handmade blue cotton t-shirt with frog aplique´ and brown, faux fur wig.  

"Big Sister". This cool little girl with  blonde pigtails is part of a Sockett® family portrait set. Details include, a handmade, tie dye dress with brown bunny aplique´ and a truly awesome, long, blonde, boucle´ wig with hair ties that match the dress.  

"Our kids are so thrilled with their custom Socketts!......Socketts forever!" Jed R. Portland, Or.

"Girl in floral print shirt"   Details include handmade ruffled blouse,  yarn wig and real daisy earrings and control rod.
Custom, Portrait Sock Puppets
by Tiger Kandel & Heather Schloss

A Custom Sockett® is one of our incredible, signature, couture sock puppets made to order.  Our sock puppets can be made in the form of animals, people or fantasy characters. If you want a unique, custom sock puppet for a gift, puppet show or to enhance a favorite play, book, activity or multi-media production, contact us!  We will make a dynamic and fun signature Sockett® to meet your needs. 

"Man in Plaid Shirt" (click images to enlarge) 

 Details include: faux fur wig and tailored, button down, plaid shirt with collar.

"Lil' Emilie" (click images to enlarge) Details include: cut, quilted and sewn facial features, movable arms, full yarn wig,  tailored, "casual" attire and real earnings.

"Woman in Fur Hat" (click images to enlarge) Details Include: movable arms, faux fur hat, tailored fleece dress, jewelry and miniature wine glass. 

 A PORTRAIT SOCKETT® is a caricature-style interpretation of how a person looks in the Sockett® "puppet-verse". It is not an exact representation of a person's appearance. Socks don't have hard edges to effectively communicate bone structure.  As sock puppet artists our goal is to capture the attainable features of our subject while preserving the sock's true nature and thereby the soft and uniquely "sock puppet" quality of the piece. Sometimes a portrait will lean towards realism e.g., use of flesh tones, and other times towards fantasy. We interpret every subject with a fresh and unique perspective while taking into account what it is going to be used for. Please use this portrait gallery to gain an understanding of how you or your subject may look as a sock puppet. 

"Little Lee" (click images to enlarge) Details  include: felt news boy cap,
t-shirt w/ sports logo and felt cigar. 

"Just opened the sock fabulous!  He's going to flip OUT! Thanks so much Tiger" ~Angela


"Mini Micah" (click images to enlarge) Details include:  Multi color/strand , Boucle´ yarn wig, Auburn University t-shirt and tin rose earrings.

Our sock puppets are 100%  handmade on genuine, American cotton socks (knit exclusively for Socketts®) and expertly detailed with USA-made ecospun felt and lush, faux fur. We can personalize puppets with props and accouterments symbolic of or close to the heart of our subject.

"Star Trek Fan"  (click images to enlarge) Details includes:  Faux fur wig, facial hair and Star Trek captain's jersey with insignia. 

"The sock puppet was a perfect likeness to our Pastor! He loved it! The quality of workmanship was excellent" Sammie J.

 Mark Hollinger 

A Labor of Love:

An average of twenty hours of labor goes into the creation of every custom Sockett®

Not everyone translates equally well into a Sockett

therefor we evaluate each subject individually. For custom portraits, we must see an image before we can formulate an estimate.  The addition of clothing, hairstyles and accessories will determine the final price. Please follow the instructions at the bottom. 

"Mini Mark Hollinger"  Retirement gift for former Discovery International President. Details include: Faux fur wig,  fleece suit jacket, button down shirt with collar, real silk tie and handcrafted wire rimmed glasses. (click images to enlarge)


Prices vary with complexity of design, delivery date & quantity ordered. Custom orders generally take 4-8 weeks from the time we begin.  Orders are filled on a first come first serve basis. We recommend reserving your spot on the roster AEAP.  Let us know if you require a Rush Order or specific delivery date. We will honor time sensitive orders when possible. 

Custom Order Inquiries:

Please Note: We Cannot Give Portrait Estimates Without Seeing Images

We primarily work on custom pieces January-June but we accept inquiries all year long.  Feel free to contact us to check on our availability.  We recommend placing your orders AEAP to reserve your place on our roster. RUSH orders can sometimes be accommodated for an additional fee.

For an estimate please email us the following Information:

1. Your name & telephone number.

2. The custom design you want us to make.

3. The character's name (if available).

4. Any pertinent physical details the portrait Sockett® needs to have (specific clothing and/or accessories).

5. Is the puppet intended for personal, professional or corporate use?  How will it be used (gift, puppet show, video, book, advert, etc)?

6. Do you have a deadline for delivery? If so, when is it? 

7. Very Important: Send clear photos or images (or link to) that may help communicate your idea. Please note, we will require at least 2-3, clear,

High Resolution (300px) images (head-on & profile) to complete the portrait puppet. 

EMAIL to: OR use the form

TEXT & PHONE: 607-244-6624

 We make every effort to return messages within 1-2 business days. 




Tigercandy Arts, Inc retains the copyright on all custom work.  Puppets may be

used for entertainment purposes only. Designs may not be copied or reproduced without our express written consent. Read more about permissions on our FAQs page. Photos submitted may be reused, in print or online, for the purpose of promoting our custom work. 


We look forward to working with you! 
~Tiger & Heather

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