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Q: When will I receive my order? 
A:  Socketts are handmade to order and  generally ship within 7 business days but at certain times of the year may take up to two weeks. Kits generally ship within 1-3 business days. Delivery times are not guaranteed. See below for Rush orders. Please note: Shipping estimates do not apply to custom orders.  Please see our "custom order" page  for shipping information.   We do our best to keep shipping rates competitive however as the Sockett® and our kits are sold from a number of different platforms, shipping rates will vary depending upon the policies of the site from which you make your purchase. Please refer to the rates at the time of purchase. This does not apply to custom orders which are determined on a case by case basis depending on the quantity ordered and the location to where the item is shipping. 

Q: How are orders shipped? 
A: Orders generally ship USPS Priority Mail (2-3 day delivery) unless otherwise arranged. We reserve the right to ship fisrt class when necessary. All packages are equipped with a tracking number which is sent to the customer on the shipping day. 
Rush Orders: We accommodate time sensitive orders whenever possible. Contact us via phone or email so we can help you  select a Sockett® that is available for immediate shipping or arrange for Express shipping if necessary.
Q: Do you ship internationally? 
A: Yes. Please contact us by email or phone to arrange international shipping. At this time we do not offer international shipping through the website. Customer is responsible for any tariffs placed on their items.
Q: What if I need to change my order or shipping address? 
A: We will do our best to help you. Send us an email with your changes ASAP. As long as an item has not already shipped, we will make the necessary changes to your order.



Q: Are Socketts® washable? 
A: Yes. All Sockett® in our standard line (etsy/Sockhollow) have machine washing instructions on the sewn-in label.  Follow these directions and your Sockett® will clean up nicely: Machine wash delicate, cold, separate, use a small amount of mild soap, NO bleach. Tumble dry LOW. Machine washing is NOT recommended for Sockett® made before 2008 or without 100% sewn parts. Due to some hairstyles, fabrics, or tailored clothing, Custom Portrait Sockett® may NOT be washable so check your label. If there are no instructions, it is NOT washable. 


Exchange Policy:Customer satisfaction is very important to us. Should you change your mind and decide you would prefer a different character,  we will happily exchange it within 7 days of receiving it.  Items must be in mint condition to exchange. The customer will be responsible for postage on exchanged items. In the rare instance of a defect, Contact Us Immediately so we can repair the problem for you.  Customer will be reimbursed the cost of postage in this case. There are no cancellations, refunds or exchanges on custom orders. 


Refunds: Socketts® are extremely labor intensive and largely made to order. As such, we ask our customers to carefully read the product descriptions before making a purchase to be sure our handcrafted items meet your needs. If your issue can not be resolved with an exchange, repair or via communication with us, we will refund your money as long as the item is returned to us in mint condition within 7 days. Customer is responsible for postage on returned items. 


Please keep in mind that Sockett® are entirely handmade. Attributes such as color, placement of details, or speckling are not a defect but rather, are a natural part of the process, varying from piece to piece, and contributing to the uniqueness and beauty of each and every Sockett®.  


A Note about Pricing for Custom Puppets: 

Thank you for your interest in our sock puppets. We consider what we do an art form. Every custom portrait or character we create is a brand new design that requires many hours of work to achieve its unique look. When you commission one of our pieces you will receive an amazing, one-of-a-kind, heirloom quality puppet, a product of years of experience and dedication to our craft; socks knit specifically for our puppets, and original sewing techniques,  pioneered by us. In order to accurately price our custom work, we employ a rubric designed to determine the cost of the puppet relative to the amount of time, labor and materials required to create it.  Still, we understand that a custom Sockett® is not necessarily an easily affordable purchase for everyone. We want to support other artists and creative people using their energy in productive ways, in the pursuit of laughter, joy and entertainment.  If you are working within a budget, please let us know what it is so we can try to accomodate you or help create a piece that will work for you.  The same applies to deadlines. In most cases, when you book a custom order, there will already be orders on our roster.  Let us know if you have a deadline and what it is.  We will accommodate time sensitive orders when possible.

Adult Portraits/Basic Human Characters

Design Fee $150* The final price is determined with the addition of hair, clothing and accessories. The simplest outfit is a t-shirt or t-dress. The more complex the clothing (business attire, formal dresses, historical clothing, etc.) and the more elaborate the accessories (glasses, hats, musical instruments, etc), the more it costs. Everything has to be created to specifically fit your puppet. If you are ordering multiple puppets, price may be calculated differently. 


Adults     Design Fee $150* 

Children  Design Fee $100*

Pets        Design Fee $75*

Original Characters

Original Character creation is assessed and priced on an individual basis. Our design fee is $150* the final price will be determined with the addition of detail. 

*Designs are assessed individually. In most cases the design fee includes: the design assessment, custom dye & facial features. Arms, hair, clothing and accessories are extra. 


All designs, custom & otherwise, remain the exclusive property of Tigercandy Arts, Inc. You may use your puppet in artistic, educational & recreational projects, videos, photographs, youtube, puppet shows, etc. but neither they nor their likeness may be reproduced for profit, mass consumption, or any reason other than the types mentioned here, without our express, written consent. Violators will be prosecuted to the maximum extent the law will allow. Please contact us if you have questions about the way you'd like to use your puppet and if it fits with our terms.


Exclusive Use Agreement:  In an EUA, Tigercandy Arts retains the copyright but will reserve that design exclusively for your use, for a specified and renewable length of time.  EUA are considered on an individual basis and may incur a separate fee.  If you are interested in an Exclusive Use Agreement, please contact us for more information. Even with an EUA you may NOT reproduce the puppets or their likenesses without our express, written consent.


Works for Hire: In a Work for Hire, the customer retains the copyright to the design. a WFH is more expensive and considered on an individual basis. They must be arranged in writing, in a specific, notarized, "Work For Hire" contract.  Please contact us for more information on Works for Hire. 



Studio Hours: 10am-6pm  Mon-Fri

We make every effort to return messages & emails within 1-2 business days.


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