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Classes & Workshops

for schools, after school programs, libraries & camps


We are currently offering the following classes guaranteed to engage and challenge your students. Most classes meet weekly for 120 minutes for either eight or ten weeks. We can work with your school to accomodate special scheduling requirements* or if you have particular theme you would like us to incorporate.

One day workshops are also available.

Our projects are easily adapted to many different ages and skill levels (elementary-high school). The recommended age cited under each description is the minimum age the project is appropriate for. Classes will be divided according to age and grade of the students taking them (to the extent the school or program will allow). 

II. Marvelous Marionettes


In this class students are mentored from conception to completion in the construction of their own, large, colorful marionette. An exceptionally versatile medium, this class incorporates a variety of art materials and creative skill sets including, paper mache,  painting, drawing, sculpture, sewing & character design. Workshop will conclude with a student introduction

and demonstration of their marionettes.


Recommended for ages 9+

10 sessions, 120 min. 




IV. Methods of Mask Making


This fun and original, workshop will give students the opportunity to exercise their creativity as they explore the art of mask making.  Participants will design, build & decorate their own detailed, masks while learning about the history of mask making, and the uses of masks 

in performance in various cultures around the world. Workshop will conclude with a student 

demonstration of their masks in use.


Recommended for all ages 7+ 

VI. Delights of Doll Making


Students will delve into the fun and wondrous world of doll making. They will study doll art from different cultures and experiment with techniques ranging from primitive worry dolls to the folk tradition of rag, yarn and stocking dolls all the way to the modern form of mixed media art dolls and many things in between.


Recommended for all ages 7+.


III. Puppets in Performance


This comprehensive and exciting class incorporates multiple aspects of puppetry by combining art making with creative writing and performance. Using one of a variety of puppet making methods, students will make their own puppets, develope the characters, write a script for them, design background scenery and perform a puppet show as part of one long intensive. 


Recommended for all ages 9+

10-12 sessions, 120 min

I. Intro to Puppet Design


This fun class is especially good for first time puppet makers. We use a wide variety of art materials to build an assortment of puppet styles such as stick, sock & felt puppets while learning about the history of puppetry as used by different cultures around the world.


Recommended for all ages 7+.



V. Eart Art: Creating with Found Objects


In this class students will take both a practical and imaginative look at creating art. They “rescue” and recycle every day materials normally considered disposable and turn them into magnificent, pieces of functional art, 3 dimensional sculptures, mobiles and more. This class will include some discussion of the environment and conservation and introduction to alternative artists who do similar work. 


Recommended for all ages 7+.

VII. Handmade Books


Artistic and purposeful, the ancient craft of bookmaking symbolizes the acquisition, preservation and sharing of knowledge. This

class provides  multi-tiered creative activity as students learn how to make their own handmade books and fill the pages with their original art and stories.


Recommended for all ages 7+.


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