Unlike puppets that are mass-produced in large factories overseas, Socketts® are designed and handcrafted at the Tigercandy Arts studio in NYC, USA with USA-made materials. When you purchase Socketts® you help to support seven US businesses and are guaranteed a safe, one-of-a-kind, child-friendly, interactive toy of the highest quality. Because Socketts® are made in small batches we can easily and frequently introduce new colors and characters keeping choices fresh and exciting for your collection. We are also able to accommodate special design requests, a service unavailable from large companies. 

Handmade in the USA

Most puppets are made in “one size fits all” so they tend to be too large for children to play with properly.  We make Socketts® in two distinct sizes: “small” & “regular” (xtra-large is also available as a custom order). An additional benefit is the elastic in the sock cuff, which prevents slipping, creating an overall better fit and making them easier for kids & adults to engage.

Multiple Styles, Colors &  Sizes!

Socketts® are handmade to order and while the designs in our store are repeated, no two are ever exactly the same. We are continually trying new felts, faux furs, yarn and sock color as well as improving our puppet making techniques. This ensures that our Sockett® designs stay fresh and unique, that we always have something new to offer our customers and that each and every piece is truly OOAK (one of a kind)! Please keep in mind that color and details may vary slightly from models shown in pictures.  


They inspire the imagination of every child and child-at-heart! Part heirloom quality toy and part soft sculpture, Socketts® are lovingly handmade to order by professional fabric artists at the Tigercandy Arts studio in New York City. Our delightful sock puppets are made from soft, colorful, American cotton socks, USA-made ecopsun felt and lush faux fur. Soft felt mouths give them a range of facial expressions and the ability to “speak”. Whether used as toys or on display, these exceptional, collectable sock puppets will be treasured for many years to come. Click images for details! 

"Whimsical, Lovable, Magical, Sock Puppets"  

World's BEST Sock Puppet Kit! 


The Sockett® Kit comes with 3, genuine, high quality, American cotton sock puppet bases and is LOADED with an abundance of colorful, soft materials that inspire imagination and provide hours of art making fun and creative play. Recommended for ages 7-adult. 

Made in the USA !  Kit Includes: 3 real sock bases with our signature soft mouth already sewn in! 

Stick Puppet Party!