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Custom Sock Angel Decor & Tree-topper Kit

Memory Maker™ 

 Step x Step Assembly Photos Below

 See your package for written component 

Silver Peach Sunflower 7-6728.jpg
white alabaster snow 7-6341.jpg
blue cocoa hydrangea 7-6370.jpg


Your kit will include 1 sock & 4 hair

bundles in the colors of your choice

Skin & hair 6586 copy.jpg

 Colors are specific to individual kits so yours may be different

Materials Gold 7-6952.jpg


Steps 1-3  head & nose
clicking images will enlarge details
Nose 7-6808.jpg
Nose 7-6807.jpg
Nose 7-6813.jpg
Nose 7-6815.jpg
Nose 7-6818.jpg
Neck 7-6821.jpg

For visibility we have used a contrasting thread but recommend you

use the color that most closely matches the material you are sewing. 

Step 4 Arms; optional
Arms 7-6825.jpg
Arms 7-6826.jpg
Arms 7-6828.jpg
Step 5
Arm 7-6829.jpg
Arm 7-6832.jpg
Arm 7-6840.jpg
Arm 7-6843.jpg
Steps 6-9
Arm 7-6958.jpg


Hand 7-6962.jpg
Arm 7-6856.jpg
Wrist 7-6864.jpg


Wrist 7-6862.jpg
Arm 7-6968.jpg


Arm 7-6866.jpg
Arms 7-6880.jpg
Step 10-12 Gown; front panel
Gown 7-6973.jpg


Gown 7-6973B.jpg
Gown 7-6974.jpg
front pannel 7-6978.jpg
front pannel 7-6984.jpg
front pannel 7-6981.jpg
front pannel 7-6990.jpg
front pannel 7-7014.jpg
front pannel 7-6996.jpg

If adding feathers, do so before proceeding to step 13.  Pictures are at the bottom of this page. 

See written instructions for more details.

Step 13-14  Lacing Wings to Dress: use the large-eye lacing needle and ribbon
Gown 7-7017.jpg
Lacing 7-7007.jpg
Steps 15-16  Gown; back panel (repeat steps 10-12)
Rear panel 7-7040.jpg
Rear panel 7-7002.jpg
Rear panel 7-7012.jpg
Step 17-18 
Gown 7-7030.jpg
Arms 7-6883.jpg
Arm Slit 7-6881.jpg
Step 18 if not making arms
tube 7-7047.jpg
pinning hair
Step 19
Hair 7-6885.jpg
Hair 7-6888.jpg
Hair 7-6890.jpg

sewing hair optional 

Hair sewn 7-6898.jpg
hair sewn 7-6900.jpg
Step 20  eyes
Eyes 7-6903.jpg
Eyes 7-6906.jpg
Step 21-23  HALO. remove protective film from halo, clean with rubbing alcohol & dry thoroughly before attaching sticker.
Halo 7-6759.jpg
Halo 7-6781.jpg
Halo 7-6769.jpg
Halo 7-6787.jpg
Halo 7-6771.jpg
Halo pin 7-7027.jpg
Floating halo
Halo floating 7-6789.jpg
Halo 7-7033.jpg
Halo 7-6795.jpg
Halo 7-6804.jpg
Halo 7-7035.jpg
Blue Peach Sunflower 7-6753.jpg


feathers 7-7108.jpg
feathers 7-7112.jpg
With feathers rightside up & stems pointing in, fill in the space (approx. 6 feathers per side/per wing).  Follow the natural curve of the wing.
feathers 7-7111.jpg
Trim stems if necessary. 
feathers 7-7120.jpg
feathers 7-7106.jpg
Place feathers before adding glue. Avoid the space between the wings.
Feathers 7-7115.jpg
Add hot glue to spine on underside of feather. Adding more than 1-1.5" of glue will make wings too stiff!
feathers 7-7125.jpg
feathers 7-7129.jpg
After completing feather wings proceed to step 13 (above). 
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