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See what folks are saying about our stuff.........

"Our kids are so thrilled with their custom Socketts! I'm grateful for your excellent communication and even more excellent work. Socketts forever!!" Jed R. Portland, Or.


"Such great quality and imaginative details for a sock puppet! .....Thank you!" Lauren B. Boston, Ma.


"Super attentive and warm interaction with Tiger. Was able to specify a few things to make this even more special for my daughter! Plus, removable fire! ;-)" Kevin M. San Antonio, Tx.


"Dear Friends, Thank you so very much for all the extra care you took to give us our beautiful raccoon and beautiful white terrier. They are  just  perfect, and we  are so excited to start using them. They are just the most beautiful sock puppets we have ever seen! So classy and so  fun in every way. Thank you always for all your talent, perfection, and cordial and courteous assistance in all of it."  Yvonne & Tom C.,  Portland, OR. 

 "My custom sock puppet of my dog is amazing! They captured her markings and even gave her a little dog tag with her name on it! The quality of the  sewing is fantastic. It was better than I could have ever imagined and a very fun present to give!!"  Daphne M. Seattle, WA.


"Just wanted to let you know I think your puppets are amazing. My husband just bought the bat puppet and the quality of contruction is impressive. If I lived in New York I would love to attend a class." Ann S. WI.

"Absolutely the cutest puppets ever! Such detail and love put into each one. Granddaughter adores! We will be ordering more." Anne R. Reston, VA. 


 "I bought the tie dye Giraffe Sock Puppet a month and a half ago for a lady moving into a nursing home. She has gotten to be quite the entertainer with the  sock puppet as she plays for her neighbors. A lasting gift that keeps on giving."  Terry S. Charleston, IL 

 "I can't tell you how fantastic these hand puppets are! I ordered them for friends and they absolutely loved them!!! I'm going to order another set to enjoy with my daughter!" Lisette I. San Diego, CA. 


 "Absolutely wonderful and wonder full. I can hardly wait for my favorite 3 year old to come over and play." Paula A. Worcester, MA.


 "I received Elijah and Cashmere. I am very happy , they are adorable. Thank you-I don't want to give them away. I have a birthday coming up maybe I'll get one for myself. Keep up the good work." Sharon J. Beverly Hills, Fla.


 "Hi....I bought "Fenton" from you on Broadway about a year ago. Fenton has become one of the most popular members of our family. He regularly comes  alive on Mom's hand to crack jokes, help with violin lessons and kids' homework. I just put a big order in for Christmas. Everyone should have a  Tigercandy  Arts puppet. Everyone in our family will on December 25th! Have a great Christmas! All the best, Al." Al L. San Diego, CA 


 "These sock puppets were a huge hit at my daughters birthday party!!! I put a puppet in the favor bag for each child to take home and they went crazy!! Each puppet is so well made and so expressive! Highly recommend!!" Nancy D. Reading, MA.


 "I was surprised by how many of the steps my four year old was able to do all by herself. While we were making her puppet, it prompted a great conversation about the story of Purim and how it relates to her every-day life. The conversation was only interrupted every now and then by her saying, 'Mommy, this is so much fun!" Rebecca K. Los Angeles, Ca.


 "I wanted to thank you for sending our Jack so quickly. It made it here the day after Christmas and I gave it to my granddaughter as a gift Santa forgot. She absolutely loves it. She slept with Jack yesterday. You do great work and I much appreciate your "non-polyester" style. I'll be back for more of your  crafts in  the future." Kathy T. Rowlett, TX

"I just wanted to say what a hit making the stick puppets were for my nieces and nephews over the holiday. The weekend before Christmas I purchased a kit on the Upper West Side. The woman who sold me the kit was so helpful and energetic that I couldn't help but catch her enthusiasm for the product. At a time when the kids (ages 11, 9, 5 and 3 - 2 boys, 2 girls) had a lull in activities, I got the 11 and 3 year old started on the puppets. They loved it, and their creativity started to come out. Shortly after, the 11 year old got the boys involved and taught them how to make the puppets. After they were done,the kids made up two stories and put on a puppet show for their parents and grandparents. Everyone enjoyed the project from start to finish! Thanks for introducing this activity to our family." Lauri S. New York, NY


 "So excited for our custom puppets and looking forward to using them at an upcoming party! Your work is amazing. Thanks." The Rock Doves, NYC


 "Thank you very much for your prompt service. I received my stick puppet kits today. They are well done! I know my imagination is running wild without batteries or a powerstrip of cords! This will make a lovely holiday gift for my grandchildren and my nieces children. Thanks for your creative efforts, I truely appreciate your attempts to spark simple creative play powered by our own energies!!!! Bravo!!!!! Sally I. St Peter, MN


"Tiger is the ABSOLUTE best puppet maker since the Muppets! My daughter smiled all the way to Kindergarten with that pink fluffy puppy! Thank you Tiger again and again!" Nikole S. Westwood, Ma.


 "Really love them! Everyone I give them to just adores the (Socketts). They are seriously the best gifts for children."-Katrina F. NYC


 "We had Owen's 4th birthday party yesterday at the Center for Puppetry Arts here in Atlanta. I ordered the stick puppet party kits to make as personalized  favors for each of the kids. The puppets were a HUGE, HUGE hit! Kids and parents alike were amazed...we had so many compliments. I've attached a few photos...feel free to share them on your website. Thanks for providing such a great product. I was so thrilled when I found you and immediately knewit was the perfect addition to our puppet fact, the stick puppets MADE the party." Angela S. Atlanta, GA 

 "ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!! Duchess (pink), Doralee (purple), and Scooby (grey) are thrilled to be in my golf bag now along with Mark (labradoodle), Lulu
(poodle)  and Diva (yellow lab). Thank you so much! They are all perfect, as are all my doggies. If anyone asks where I got them, I will surely let them  know!" Lilly R.  Encino, Ca


 "Just wanted to let you know that the Sockett Kit is wonderful - my daughter loved putting them together! She just could not wait for the glue to dry. The  Socketts turned out pretty good! I think I'll get more kits for birthday gifts. Thanks again for a great product and something for the kids to be imaginative with!" Holly A. Fla.


 "My kids loved these puppets bursting with personality. It feels good to purchase quality products like this made in the U.S."-Michael F. Brattleboro,Vt.


 "After much agonizing of which Sockett to choose...I left with a Zebra for my nephew, and a beautiful orange (monster) for me. He loved it more than any  of  the rest of his presents, shouted gleefully and laughed every time he saw it. I also recently had a party at my house and one of the guests children and I play  with my orange friend. She was also very excited about it, and loved interacting with the puppet. I just wanted to pass along the great joy that your  puppets have brought to me and my loved ones and commend your creative spirits. Thanks for a wonderful fun product!"-Kate G. NYC


"I just received the Pink Goblin for my nephew in the mail! I am so pleased and he will be elated... I really appreciate you accommodating my color request  and will have a hard time waiting till the holidays to give it to (him)"- Amy G. NYC


"I LOVE my Sockett! In fact, I should admit, I have yet to put it in the mail for the 6 year old girl whom it was originally intended for back in May. I know, I know, it's going in the mail this week! Most likely, I will have to purchase one for myself - there's nothing wrong with entertaining the inner child! Keep up the great work! They are adorable!" -Courtney D. NYC


"I have four nieces and nephews ages 5-10 who come to visit me often. I am always looking for fun stuff for us to do as a group. They were very excited  when I pulled out Stick Puppet Party!.... It is the perfect activity because everyone is able to make a really cool puppet no matter what their age or skill level.  We are going to try the Sockett Kit next!" - Rebecca S. Los Angeles, CA


"Soo Cute...makes my son giggle every time he sees it! (Horse Sockett) is a good tag team puppet with the cow. I recommend at least 1 per hand to  everyone!!!"-Susan H. Homer, IL

 "Oh my gosh these are so flipping cute. Haven't given then to the kids yet, but my dog absolutely loves them! Amazing work I can't wait to see my niece and nephews (and parents) faces when they get these puppets." Elizabeth D. Melbourne, Fla.

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