TIGERCANDY ARTS is an inventive American company founded by dedicated visual artists, art educators and authors. We believe that all people have a need to express their inherent creativity regardless of age, experience, or ability. This is reflected in our designs that make the fun, beauty and sense of joy and accomplishment of art-making and creative play, accessible to all, while stretching the limits of imagination and fostering the artist within.

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Our Specialties

Sockett® Puppets: Handmade, luxury sock      puppets made from real socks. 

Custom Portrait & Character Socketts®

Original, process-oriented, puppet making kits:

          Sockett® Kit

          Stick Puppet Party!®


1 Day workshops

Parties & Trunk shows (by appt.)


BEST sock puppet making kit
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Custom Sock Puppets

Visit our shop to view this season's line of handmade, couture sock puppets and original puppet making kits! 


Dynamic and fun, signature sock puppets designed to order. Submit your custom sock puppet order now. 

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